• Papal Basilica and Sacro Convento of
    Saint Francis in Assisi
  • May the Lord
    give you peace
  • May the Lord
    give you peace


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What happens in Basilica?

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All those who love the Basilica of Assisi -- its history of faith and its beauty, always in need of development and preservation, its initiatives for culture and solidarity, always in need of promotion -- may support our efforts by donating your 5x1000 to the Foundation for the Basilica of Saint Francis ...

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Do you know Saint Francis?

The mortal remains of Saint Francis of Assisi rest in this 800 year-old Basilica, together with the remains of his first companions. This holy place, together with the other churches here, make Assisi a true and special city-sanctuary.

Story of a Saint

1181 - 1182: Francis is born to Pietro Bernadone and Lady 'Pica'. At the time of his birth his father is on a business trip in France. At ...

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A man named Francis

In his Leggenda Maggiore (Greater Legend), St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio offers a key to the theological understanding of the Stigmata, received ...

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Francis and the Basilica

On April 29, 1228, from the papal seat of Rieti, Pope Gregory IX issued the letter "Recolentes qualiter", preserved in the Archives of the Sacro ...

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If you wish, you may support the Basilica and the activities of the friars in the propagation of the peace of the Gospel.


for St. Francis

Our crowdfunding campaign

“Together for St. Francis”, the project that intends to create a network to safeguard and promote the Lower Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, launched by the Foundation for the Basilica of San Francesco, the non-profit foundation that supports the religious and cultural heritage of the architectural complex of Assisi and LoveItaly, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring a future for Italy’s cultural heritage, established by LVenture Group.

The project aims to network and mobilize the entire community in order to be able to carry out, by a crowdfunding campaign, the urgent conservation work of the west wing of the Giotto vault above the altar of the lower church of the Basilica, in particular the central part of the "vela" where is frescoed the figure of St. Francis in the glory of heaven.

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Vaccine for the common good

Even the friars of the Basilica of Saint Francis support the campaign for the anti-covid vaccine as a "global common good". In an open letter ...

Together for St. Francis

“Together for St. Francis” is a project created in order to establish a network to safeguard and promote the Lower Basilica of Saint Francis. ...

A renewed beauty

An interview with the head fresco restorer: The Chapel of Mary Magdalene, the third on the northern side of the nave of the lower Basilica, ...

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